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a year full of color

This blog is the home of my most colorful project to date: TWELVTY

TWELVTY is a year long exploration of color, a trip around the color wheel, one color each month.

I’ve played with this idea a few different ways over the years.

Every month through 2020 I made a series of mixed media pieces in just one color, with a view to combine them into some bigger pieces this year.

Here’s what I made in each color:

inspiration library

Every month I compiled a library of inspiration images for the color I was using.

I take photos wherever I go, and often it’s for the colors (or color combinations) that prompt ideas for paintings or art journal spreads.

Pinterest is a great resource for color reference. I’ve got boards dedicated to single colors and color themes – something I’ll be exploring more in coming posts this year 🙂

Episode 1: Yellow

Episode 2: Yellow-Green

Episode 3: Green

Episode 4: Blue-Green

Episode 5: Blue

Episode 6: Violet-Blue

Episode 7: Violet & Purple

Episode 8: Red-Violet

Episode 9: Red

Episode 10: Orange-Red

Episode 11: Orange

Episode 12: Orange-Yellow

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Previous Twelvty Projects

In 2017 I spent a year recycling this world atlas into an art journal. Beginning with yellow I added a few pages each month using one color of the color wheel.

In 2018, inspired by the overstuffed pages of the previous year’s art journal, I made these two mixed media art journal/3d color wheel things.

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