TWELVTY: Episode 3


From verdant viridian to emerald and jade.

Throughout March I’ve been playing with mixed media in all the different shades of Green.

March is the time of year we begin to see the outside world springing back to life, new green shoots and leaves. So it seems only fitting that March is the month we explore all things green.

I’d love to say I planned it this way – but it’s a happy accident!

Inspiration is everywhere

Notice the colors around you – at home or work – while you’re out and about.

It’s obvious of course, but the more you look the more you’ll see. These are the details of life that are there for the noticing but slip past us in a world of distractions.

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Show ‘n’ Tell

For TWELVTY this year I’m making a series of small mixed media pieces for each color. They range in size from postcard size (ish) down to really-weeny-small.

At the end of the project I’ll assemble them into some bigger multicolored somethings. For now I’m focussed on one color at a time, and playing with ideas. Every month I’ll share some of my process with you here in this blog.

Here is how my month of green took shape.

Spiral Path

Revisiting colors one at a time in this project is showing me how each one has its own characteristics. Green is tricksy with me.

Explore ways to work with colors that are sometimes uncooperative!

Pattern Mixing

Take a pattern and play with new ways to make it:

Stripes can be painted or drawn, cut out and collaged. Stripes can be short, long, straight or wiggly. Mix ‘n’ match!

Little Details

In life, in art, the details are what I’m focussing on right now.

Especially when using a single color, it’s the little details that bring a piece to life, adding character, dimension.

These are some of my favourite bits I worked on during the month of Green. Some feel like finished pieces, and some might get combined together when I return to them at the end of the year.

For now I’m setting these aside in readiness to move on to the next color: Blue-Green.

Would you like to play?

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Next month we’re diving into the mermaidy part of the spectrum – the teals and turquoises of BLUE-GREEN!

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