TWELVTY: Episode 6

June was a month long exploration of the color Violet- Blue.

Moody mauves, midnight, indigo, bluebell & forget-me-not.




The next of our tertiary colors sits between blue and violet in the color wheel.

In nature it has a moody feel, a grey sky becoming blue-violet can be the prelude to a storm. The sky takes on a blue-violet tinge on a moonlit night, at dusk and dawn with the reddish tint of the sun. 

Looking for colors in everyday places can spark creative ideas. Where can you find violet-blue around you?

You can always join me in Pinterest for color inspiration.

Show ‘n’ Tell

For TWELVTY this year I’m making a series of small mixed media pieces for each color. They range in size from postcard size (ish) down to really-weeny-small.

At the end of the project I’ll assemble them into some bigger multicolored somethings. For now I’m focussed on one color at a time, and playing with ideas. Every month I’ll share some of my process with you here in this blog.

Here is how my month of violet-blue took shape.


Rolling with this time of contrariness.



Layering Inks

Layers can be heavy in paint and collage or delicately thin in watery inks. Keep exploring new ways!




Considering Contrasts

Softly blended colors, torn edges and sharp geometric cut outs. Unified by color.



These are some of my favourite bits I worked on during the month of Violet-Blue. Some feel like finished pieces, and some might get combined together when I return to them at the end of the year.

For now I’m setting these aside in readiness to move on to the next color:Violet

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Follow my journey around the color wheel as next month is all about VIOLET & PURPLE


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