dripping with extra texture

Another part of the process with the now familiar printer manual: Scrumpling!

Both before and after the inky stage, scrumpling the paper helps it dry unevenly

Uneven drying makes for gorgeous textural effects.

With sharp folds the fibres of the paper is damaged just enough to make it super absorbant, and make for darker lines and patterns.

The inks run to and through the chanels formed by the creases

unlikely treasure

..buried in the paper recycling box (I was scuffling about for envelopes and scraps to dye) – when I found this:

No. Haven’t uploaded the wrong photo.

It is the manual to my faithful old printer. (11 years old, some bits have fallen off, but still working, I digress.)

The treasure is in the 7/8 of the pages which are printed in languages foreign to me, almost entirely text-based, on nice absorbant paper.

I love using printed paper especially when the forms of the words aren’t distracted by their meaning.

All it wants is some color…Beginning in drips

Water and ink, drippier and drippier

Then the bit where my inner-kid gets all excitable



A good swish of dylusions yellow to soften the purples, then on to the next page while this dries!

I’ll post more as they dry and develop 🙂

A page of plenty

Looking back and photographing yesterday’s page I can see quite how involved it was!

A crucial ingredient in the making of this page is insomnia. Extra long evenings are the best time for fiddly cutting, hole punching and sticking!

Being made up of so many papery layers the surface was pretty cushiony in places. This lends itself perfectly for biro doodling on. Some of this doodling was done with a biro that ran out ages ago, but didn’t get thrown out. The little circular indentations are made by the end of the lid.

Everything has a use in art!

paper dying – new techniques!

I really thought that stash of dyed papers would last a long time, but supplies are getting low, so last night I began another batch, and in so doing I’ve streamlined the process a bit.

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It’s the same ‘lasagna‘ of paper and ink/dye, but instead of leaving it to marinade for ages, once it had a good soaking (1-2 hrs I guess) I spread the bits out on some more ‘scrap paper’. I used a super-cheap watercolor pad – v low quality and rubbish for painting on – but nice and absorbant, so just the job for this! Given a good squash (I stood on it, then danced about a bit) the colors soak through to the watercolor pad the bonus of more dyed paper than I’d bargained for + far quicker drying time. Result!

They’re drying right now – will show you the pics tomorrow. Meanwhile I’m planning another batch in different colors. I’m torn between blues, greens and purples next… What d’you reckon, folks? 🙂

So many, many layers

The page a day page/day parallel thing – they day resembles the page, the page resembles the day. Like the chicken and egg thing. Causality and whatnot.

This page went through so many incarnations.
Layer upon layer of indecisive confusion, unguided and unintentional.
Layers added, torn off, reglued on bits.
The page is quite dense and chunky now!

The day was complex, dense and chunky too 😉

Fragmented Binary

I’ve been playing over ideas of barcodes. Visually, I love their zebra-patterning. Here I’m toying with the aesthetic nonsense they produce when ‘broken’. The warm analogue fuzziness contrasted by the unforgivingly On/Off-ness of a digital world. The fragments of the binary decay merge into the familar, natural.


White Gesso
Assorted found barcodes
Drawing Ink
White watercolor
Palette Dregs

some days of my pages

hey guys, where you been?
I’ve missed you!
….you were here all the time?
no way! It must be me then 😉

Time, tide and that other thing have been conspiring to keep me from your screens, but I return, and with bountiful supplies of recent pages! 😀

So without too much further ado…

Day 21 (thurs 5th July. Wow! big catch up!) The 2 shape really lends itself to swooping swirls and leafy shapes. The page is collaged together with left over shapes cut out from old projects for a different old project. Re-re-cycled!

Day 22. Look closely to see the “2”s, they’re cut from the plasticy remains of a laminated map. Soaked in water, the papery bit comes away without much of a fight, leaving a nice sturdy sheet of plastic stuff with a map printed on its underside. Top corners are wearing some of the ‘things made with dyed paper’

Day 23 The scaffold along the left edge is made up from the dyed paper, cut into strips and glued onto scrap paper into a stripey background. Sliced n diced, this across the stripes making new strips of little boxy segments. The right side border is made from these

Check back soon and we can catch a bit further up.
Meanwhile, I need to see what you guys have been up to! X

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