Balanced in blues

Day 37. As summer has finally arrived in the UK the balancing cool blues refresh the eyes and the soul. It’s watercolor again today.

Day 38. A rummage through my box of ideas produced these photos of anonymous Victorian ladies, in the classically wistful pose of the age. Their eyes and details are enhanced with ink and graphite.

Day 39 More cool blues, a day tinged with sadness as I had to say a final goodbye to my long time furry friend, Woozle-cat. Which led to this outpouring of words.

Day 40. Oh how I love these colors! They lift my spirits and warm my soul!

Day 41 finishes this book, I’ll catch you up with this later on, and then we reach Book Three, which begins today!

continuing the journey

Day 33. Water colors and inks, I like the dreamily muted colors, and again the upside/downside number thing.

Day 34 Doodles run free. This is the kinda page that I could keep on adding to but think I’ll leave it here for now.

Day 35. This is the kinda page that I did keep on adding to! Starting with that stencil again then with layers and layers of cut out scraps in a similar wavy spiral way.

Day 36 is a turning point, toward the original idea that each page would contain something of the feel of that day. This day I spent up in London with my friend, and bits and bobs from the day nestle amongst the usual doodles and collage.

Symbolic of so much, this getting back on track falls just 5 pages from the end of this book! But, as one book closes…


Day 30 is a watery page, dabbles and doodles in watercolor, with an unusual amount of white page left showing. The lettering is done with a Pilot Parallel Pen
Day 31 was a feast of color, explorations with the interaction of water and pigment, and some more chopped and hole-punched dyed paper
Day 32. There’s something luscious and decadent about purples and golds, or aubergine and ochre. acrylic paints and my newest fave fishy printing block.

some days of my pages

hey guys, where you been?
I’ve missed you!
….you were here all the time?
no way! It must be me then 😉

Time, tide and that other thing have been conspiring to keep me from your screens, but I return, and with bountiful supplies of recent pages! 😀

So without too much further ado…

Day 21 (thurs 5th July. Wow! big catch up!) The 2 shape really lends itself to swooping swirls and leafy shapes. The page is collaged together with left over shapes cut out from old projects for a different old project. Re-re-cycled!

Day 22. Look closely to see the “2”s, they’re cut from the plasticy remains of a laminated map. Soaked in water, the papery bit comes away without much of a fight, leaving a nice sturdy sheet of plastic stuff with a map printed on its underside. Top corners are wearing some of the ‘things made with dyed paper’

Day 23 The scaffold along the left edge is made up from the dyed paper, cut into strips and glued onto scrap paper into a stripey background. Sliced n diced, this across the stripes making new strips of little boxy segments. The right side border is made from these

Check back soon and we can catch a bit further up.
Meanwhile, I need to see what you guys have been up to! X

recent days

Back to the page a day project, unaccountably I seem to have ten days backed up and un-shown-off to you! How did that happen??!
Sitting comfortably? Here they come…………………………
Day 7 was the day I first played with black gesso. Delighted! I was expecting a kinda chalky grey-ish-ness that absolutely isn’t there. My new love in life is gesso. Words can’t express my joy at its cover-up-ability, it’s smooth creamy texture and lush slide-about-the-page-ness it has. YUM. This was the base for the swirls in guache and acrylic.

Day 8 is a showcase of the bits of scraps and fragments and dead leaves I save ‘in the name of art’. I know I’m in safe company here, you understand!

Day 9 is built up in layers of dyed paper and stencilled experimental gessoed tissue paper.

Day 10 is upside down. When I was getting towards the end of the previous book I showed it to some friends, as one leafed through the pages and said “Some pages make me feel like I’m upside down in this book”. “Yes, just like some days feel upside down”. This was one of those days!
This was also my first EasterEgg day (tissue paper swished with water, like I did here)

how my week began

It’s a funny thing, doing this daily page, and the more I get into the routine of doing it, the more I’m getting out of it. I’m seeing it increasingly as a visual reference to my daily life. This is how my week is looking so far…

in detail:

waking up to a new week

Y’huh, I know it’s Tuesday… but don’t we all get those weeks that won’t kick-start properly?

Ok, so I’m up n running now! Reflecting on the latest page-a-day pages….

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I took advantage of Satuday’s sunshine to photograph my pages in the garden (reminded as I type this as the rain pours outside my window!), so Saturday’s page with the typewritten hi, was only just begun. Just as soon as the lighting conditions permit I’ll bring you up to speed with the latests 😀

Sat urday

With the rest of the alphabet stencils cut (ok… v, w, x, y, z aren’t done yet… it’s a bit fiddly and I wanted to get on and play!) today’s page is all about sat sat saturday…

Layering up the letters, positive and negative cut-outs

Using a mix of acrylics, glazes, watercolors, gouache, pastels and charcoal to see how they work out

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