Fragmented Binary

I’ve been playing over ideas of barcodes. Visually, I love their zebra-patterning. Here I’m toying with the aesthetic nonsense they produce when ‘broken’. The warm analogue fuzziness contrasted by the unforgivingly On/Off-ness of a digital world. The fragments of the binary decay merge into the familar, natural.


White Gesso
Assorted found barcodes
Drawing Ink
White watercolor
Palette Dregs

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

14 thoughts on “Fragmented Binary”

  1. Have you tried ‘dragging’ the barcode lines in photoshop or similar? Amazing patterns can result. Then you can tear and rearrange and….. go on, have some fun!


  2. Love the way you’ve written your own ‘code’ in the background … and the ‘noticing’ of something we barely notice but which is a relatively new development, and which you’ve turned into art! =D


  3. Excellent use of a vertical line design that is so insidiously present in our consumer world that we are blind to it. Also thank you for Following smabstractionists but you should know the back story of this site. Because I stay in San Miguel each year to make art I was asked to initiate a blog that represented the abstract painters in that city. Since doing so and despite initial interest the site has become static due to lack of contributors. I put the blog together with the understanding that that would be my only task – leaving the growth of the blog to San Miguel artists; however, nothing has come of it to date…


    1. In my random travels around wordpress I happened on this blog, the art drew me in (as it does!). I didn’t clock the dates.

      I’m guessing a big percentage of the blogs out there are in a dormant sorta limbo – even the most well intentioned fall prey to ‘life getting in the way’. We all have more ideas and plans than we could possbily have time to fulfil. And long may that remain the case!!


  4. Congrats on your nomination for your blog! Love this page! You are so creative and original! Love the fragments. Every time I look at the last picture, I see something different. I see a face. Then, I see a map you receive at amusement parks. Awesome!!!

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