Shine 30/52

This week started out, as they invariably do, with no plan, no ideas, just some scraps and a blank(ish) page.IMG_5211IMG_5214
I began with tissue paper. I love the semi-translucent. If you get the right stuff (usually cheap craft tissue) the dye runs beautifully and makes for water-colour kinda effect as soon as it comes in contact with water or glue or hands or pretty much anything. I think this must have been something more fancy, probably saved from gift wrap. (shame)
Anyhoo, it was the usual build up of layers…


There are bits of torn all sorts of paper in there now. I keep the box of scraps for recycling under my work table. There are bits from there. What the bits are don’t matter so much, it’s more just to let some shapes begin to develop.
IMG_5220  IMG_5221

And then the painting…. more layers

IMG_5248 IMG_5247
Just playing with the shapes
IMG_5246 IMG_5245

And there we have it.


Reach Out and You will Shine

Moments in the process

There is often a stage in the process where I look at the page and think WTF? What is going on? It might fly off on a tanget, or it might develop recognizably from here. But until it does, I have no way of telling…

Pushing on from this point gets easier every time. Like this…

Beginning the page with Black Gesso, some white writing and doodling. Tissue paper for texture.

Building up the shapes with slices of dyed envelopes

And some splashing – I used Dr Martin’s Bombay inks and some dilute acrylic paints.

And left to dry…

…to doodle on…

…and on…

to this! 😀

cured with yellow

Remember the page with the tissue paper runnings? Well, yesterday it came round!

While I loved the patterns it made, the blue/grey/mauve colors just aren’t me. Yellow is the cure-all color, blending these hues to the green/orange warms shades I love. I used dilute Brusho ink in a spray bottle to brighten and warm the colors, and from there it was just a bit of collage, block printing and doodling away from complete!

tissue paper runs!

Just a little by the way from usual antics, you know how the color in tissue paper runs when it gets wet?

Scrumpled up and spritzed with water, then squished between sketchbook pages and left to dry overnight got these results

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used dark and mid blue tissue, so as well as staining the book pages they also added color to each other and have gone in the collage-scraps box …. another time I think I’ll try this on watercolor paper, got a feeling that’ll be a cool effect.

more experiments with rice

This (Wednesday’s page)

Plus this (salvaged dyed rice + hot water)

Equals this (thickly heaped rice on dry paper – may try wet paper next time – sprayed with a little more ink for good measure)

Plus drying time…………. produced this, gently dappled patterning.

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