a day in a page, part last.

The disparate parts of today’s page are beginning to merge and sit comforatbly in each other’s company.

The only things we need now are the doodles

Light and Dark – Black and White – We Need To Doodle!!

…………………….and now to bed! G’night all X

a day in a page, part 3b

Sorry folks, unkind to leave you dangling.


Yes! Here – on the brink of painted catastrophe!

….daubing and splashing… still no idea where this is going now…. it’s just so busy, so freeform jazz, so focus-less.

Enough! cries IK. I need new and I need different! I need solid edges and flat color! I need Spots!

If only the page weren’t so darned soaking wet…..

…aided by dabbing with a scrap of dyed paper drying time elapses…. (time to type to you) …we wait

still not what you’d call dry, but enough to stick stickers, and a bit more paint…

Time for the papery things we made earlier. They want some more blending in… but that’ll be after some more drying time. Til then…. 😉

a day in a page, part 3

Here’s kinda where we left off earlier, the coffee has soaked in and the general consistency of the page is still damp and squodgy.

Time for paint! Inner Kid is impatient with all this waiting, drying, waiting, so we press on:

Paint and drippy ink. And more purple again!

More splatter! More messy!


In a bid to tame the splattering we meditate a moment on the yellow ink and coffee-ness of tomorrow’s page. I love this a lot. Even if nothing else comes of this weekend, the ink + coffee thing is going to be replayed!

But it doesn’t do the trick, the splattering amps up…

…………………..can this page be saved??? It’s looking kinda out of control to me……………..

A day in a page, part 2 of part 2

Remember the fantastic ink squirting device from earlier today? Well here it returns but with even more ridiculous proportions. We needed red instead of yellow, which meant draining the yellow out of the squirty-bit. Never wanting to waste color, we released the residue onto tomorrow’s page.

Tomorrow’s page was temporary resting place for the palette we had lined up for later – (clear plastic box lid). No other space for it, so plonked back down on the puddle of ink.And wow! Happyaccidental art!

Look! It just happened!!

These pages are now both very soggy.

So it kinda didn’t matter to get a bit more soggier still… cue: coffee dregs. (Such a shame to waste)

Proper drying time now needed. I have to say, at this stage all I know is this is way off finished. It could absolutely go in ANY direction and I wouldn’t be surprised. Check back soon-ish, I’ll show you what comes next 😉

a day in a page, part 2

With a good thick layer of textures heaped onto the page, we really wanted it to look … well… less of a shambles

and splattering, squirting, dripping and flicking color at it seemed the most fun way to proceed.

Much love for the infinite ways that different materials soak, absorb, repel, or seem indifferent towards the colors thrown at them…

merging and reacting…separating and absorbing.

I can suddenly see a composition of sorts, a way forward, a ‘design’ in mind…
But Inner Kid gets twitchy:
Too much the orangey yellow sameness. I need purple! Purple and scissors and curly edges. And I need them now!

More! More curly edges!
Yuh. So looks like we’re headed in a new direction again…. cool….
Mutant Space Geckos!

……………………..to be continued! …………………….. 😉

a day in a page

me and the inner kid had some chores this morning, but we tempered this by including a ‘raid the stationery drawer’ moment in the office (old sticky labels… MINE! semi-dryed up highlighter pens…MINE!. We got nice fresh walnut bread and bananas on the market, we got chocolate…

Back home to play! Now!

Texture demands IK. Any thing – don’t care what – I just need to tear stuff and glue stuff. Now!

Within easy reach of where we’re sat there are stashes of texture. There’s packing paper, cartridge paper (IK had been playing with a compass… so quite a few pages of pencil circles. Had a feeling these would find a use one day)

Strips of off-cut fabric and edges from stuff. A strip of hideous flourescent pink nylon net…

all those little snippings of thread… some, they’re like, less than an inch, little wisps.

We need Color!!!

See the cool ink-squirting device we devised?
(Yes, this is very top heavy and unstable. Yes, it would cause mess and possibly tears and swearing if knocked over. Proceed with caution. Thankfully we managed not to let this happen. The beast is dismantled and disarmed until next he is needed.

Quality time…

It’s August Holiday weekend, just about 24 hours into my holiday.

From finishing work on Friday through to Tuesday morning, I am off duty from day-to-day doings and beings.

I’m staying home, and I’m having some quality time with someone very dear to my heart: my Inner Kid.

We are both very excited about this.

Beginning last night, we sat down and surveyed the chaos. What to do first? Barely time to catch my thoughts and IK yells “Paper! Paper! Tearing and folding, snipping, concertina-ing, gluing, stitching, snippetty snippetty….” and then we suddenly had a little heap of these
We stay up late, we listen to the radio…
and the papery things get more intricate and fiddly

We stay up later still, eating biscuits and reading. Listen to the ideas bubble away in the background. We sleep and dream.

In the morning we go back to play. IK: Let’s make holes! Find the stabby-awl-thing and make holes to stitch the things with!! Now!

Yes! Like this! no idea why or what for but gotta make this new thing bigger and more thing-ful!!

And more directions! It needs to go in more directions!!

Yay! Now it needs a button!

………………….to be continued………………… 😉