a small distraction

Just for five minutes, let’s look away from all the chaos and uncertainty. Join me between the pages of my art journal. Let’s go hide out amid some squiggly doodles and swirls.

Friends, I’ve got a 5 minute distraction for you.

Let’s go hide out amid some squiggly doodles and swirls.

Just for five minutes, let’s look away from all the chaos and uncertainty – join me between the pages of my art journal.

I don’t (usually) start on the first page an art journal, or methodically work my way page by page through. It doesn’t have a right way up or an upside down. Everything goes everywhere.

(I’m far too flighty and easily distracted.)

Instead, I’ll flip back and forth, adding colors, shapes, doodles and scribbles in the spaces until it feels finished. This book is almost done, so I thought I’d share some of my page hopping doodle process.

Page Hopping Doodle Flip.

I hope you enjoyed this flip as much as I enjoyed making it. I’ll be back in a few days with an update on TWELVTY progress. Until then, take good care. Much love to you.

Hi – I’m Mixy!

This is Mixy šŸ™‚

I’m a mixed media & textile artist from London, UK.

I love to share what I’m making, and I hope it brings some inspiration to your creative time.

You can see what I’m making on this blog, and in these places too

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New Season – New Art Journal

Maybe it’s a throw back to school days, for meĀ SeptemberĀ hasĀ never lost thatĀ New-Beginning-y feel.


This bit of year where the edges of summer and fall meet up, crossover a little, shimmy back and forth for a week or two before chillier times set in for proper.

I love all the seasons, butĀ I most enjoy the beginning part of each one.

All the first-in-a-long-whiles Ā — the little things, the details — I revel in these. Now is the season of crunchy leaves, soup, socks, dark evenings with candlelight and blankets, all of it has novelty value for the first few weeks.

As the season turned I came to the end of my art journal that I played in through the summer, so last week – to coincide with the Equinox – I began this new book.

I also began I new way of documenting – by time lapse photo. Ā I reckon by the end of this book I’ll have perfected the recording and editing, it’s a learning curve, which I’ll share with you here.

Here’s the makings of this first page: “Wandering Doodles”

Enjoy! šŸ™‚

hatching plans…

I’m planning to put together a video showing the evolution of these pages.IMG_7642

From their kinda ugly beginnings based on indecision – paint – no, pen – no this colour – no, blobs not spirals, no -wait, ….


through the messy phaseĀ (phase!!)


The bits that look more complicated than they really are (maybe)


Over and over in layers


We’ll be able to see the bits that get obliterated along the wayĀ &Ā the bits that keep shining through

doubtless we’ll be joined by some of the recurring creatures -likeĀ these cut outĀ birdsĀ who keep flying back in…

I’m intrigued to watch the process from the outside tooĀ – let’s hope for a nice bright day at the weekend and I’ll see what I can conjure up!!

Have a wonderful weekend everylovelyone šŸ˜€








Playing about with a bit of animation…

Last year of college I dabbled a bit in film and animation. Oh my giddy days – this is a thing of wondrous possibility!!  Instant  LOVE for  having the dimensions of time and sound as possibilities In art. 

So a year on I’m reintroducing it, re-remembering the skills and techniques, re inspiring some of the ideas.

Bear with, I’m rusty (and only played a little to begin) but it’s coming back to me. I plan to use these butterflies as my test film, see what else I can make them into. Watch this space!!

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