For all the intrusions and all the insights, in equal measure I love and I loathe the presence of social media in my days.

Just as I’m about to switch back to analogue in a huff of indignation at the stupidity of falling into yet-another-time-sink, something like this pops into view.


I’m reminded how blessed we are to live in this age, where an idea can be expressed so succinctly in a beautiful image and then shared with millions of people with the click of a mouse.

I believe that every age and every era has its own magic.

I’m especially enjoying this one, as someone who reached adulthood before the www became ubiquitous. I’ve embraced it, and I’ve got the perspective of life before 24/7 access to misinformation and click bait.

Thank you, folks of the www, thank you.





You feed my soul…

Just thinking to myself, as I click through your wonderous creations and thoughts, how much you enrich my days.
I might not say it often, but I love you guys! X

moments of reflection

I enjoy my work; I’m self-employed so my time can be flexible, and while it’s not exciting it’s challenging and variable enough to be interesting.

I do my best not to snark when things don’t go my way, cos I’m mindful that so many ppl don’t have work, or have work that they relentlessly grumble about (with OR without good reason! 😉 ).

My work is totally non-artsy, and as such gives me a good ‘feet on the floor’ contrast to my creativity. Yin and Yang. It works.

Over the last few months I’ve spent more and more of my non-work time here in the world of WordPress. Daily I encounter more inspiration, ideas, shared thoughts and wishes, and overwhelming generosity of spirit than I ever would have imagined.

Out of world full of ppl, I must say you guys are really quite special.

Big love to you all! 😀 X

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