For all the intrusions and all the insights, in equal measure I love and I loathe the presence of social media in my days.

Just as I’m about to switch back to analogue in a huff of indignation at the stupidity of falling into yet-another-time-sink, something like this pops into view.


I’m reminded how blessed we are to live in this age, where an idea can be expressed so succinctly in a beautiful image and then shared with millions of people with the click of a mouse.

I believe that every age and every era has its own magic.

I’m especially enjoying this one, as someone who reached adulthood before the www became ubiquitous. I’ve embraced it, and I’ve got the perspective of life before 24/7 access to misinformation and click bait.

Thank you, folks of the www, thank you.





butterfly overflow (9/52)


Week 9 of this year is made out of the colours of Spring, honoring the sense of Spring as the world comes back to life after her quiet  dormant months. And some of last week’s butterflies have flitted across into this week too. I had a big old tidy up after finishing that project and all the left over butterflies have landed here. (I say all of them… a few got away as you’ll see on the next page).


The week fell on the crossover from February to March, so warranted another list. Seems like there’s a reason for a list pretty much every week now. It’s in the background, but it can germinate there. I’ll patiently await the first shoots of development as the month wears on.


Another week, another meme:

When you do what you fear the most you can do anything.

Ok, yeh, I can take that on as a challenge. I’ve crossed some metaphorical bridges lately, and my metaphorical-bridge-crossing skills are notably sharper as a result. I’ve also come to realise I can’t always tell the difference between the pit-of-the-guts anxiety feeling and its close cousin, the visceral buzz of anticipation feeling.

So I’ve actively decided that henceforth, if I’m in any doubt, I’ll assume its the latter.


It is the feeling of butterflies.

Holy Aphorisms, Batman!

I love a snappy aphorism, some pertinent thought inspiring little snippet of wisdom.

Spend any time at all on facebook, pinterest, or the like, and you’ll be up to your armpits in them before you’ve realised. And, like anything, they can get a bit indigestable en masse like this.

That’s why this made me smile so much:


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