from then to here – bit 1

hey folks 🙂 So good to be back amongst you and to see what you’ve been doing and making and sharing. I love your beautiful minds and words and colours  – thank you all for being here!



Y’know the one where life gets so full that some of it sloshes over the edges? I guess those bits don’t get lost; they just mix n mingle in the briny blend in which we bob.

meh - whatevs
meh – whatevs

I’m casting about back and forth, recalling some of the happenings of the intervening months since we last convened. Convened properly, I mean.

gelli print joy
gelli print joy

If I said gelli plate you’d know where some chunks of the time have fallen off 😉 But oh, so, sooo much more too….

Mrs Skinner, the mannequin, nestled in her natural surroundings
Mrs Skinner, the mannequin, nestled in her natural surroundings

A change of home, a change of priorities, some big lifestyle shifts – some very  literal, some more figurative.

boxing, unboxing, reboxing… no time to think

A lot of worse before it gets better

wait up, did I think this through…?

Daunted, doubtful, but deliberate and determined

hidden beauty in the strangest places
hidden beauty in the strangest places
Mmmmm, texture.... art is where you find it.
Mmmmm, texture…. art is where you find it.

The biggest art project to date: my new life.

Recombobulation and Explanation

Dear friends! I have missed you so!

I’ve been away so long, I’ll have to relay the whys and the what-have-yous in bits and dribs over a number of future posts, but regardless of that, I am back!


Through these many absent months I’ve been moving and making, timeIMG_3421

arranging and sorting,


unsorting and rearranging.


Dismantling, re-mantling,


then back round again and over and the other way.


And over again and again.

It’s been a dizzy spin.

I’m happy to be home now!

colorful excitement!

Hey folks!

Today I took a bunch of my stuffs into college to use the photo studio – so I now have some properly lit pics to show you! editIMG_1814There’s nothing to beat having a real expert set up the lighting and lend you their really good camera!
I’ve been invited to show some of my textile work in a little local exhibition,
so this is a little preview of what will be there!


“Take care of the spaces, and the lines will take care of themselves”

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from Practical knowledge for all by Sir John Hammerton c1950

On seeing with a pencil. Drawing is a means of education, of training hand and eye. It quickens the powers of perception and gives scope to the inventive faculties. It trains the eye to accuracy in observation, and the mind to attention, comparison, reflection and judgement

continuing the journey

Day 33. Water colors and inks, I like the dreamily muted colors, and again the upside/downside number thing.

Day 34 Doodles run free. This is the kinda page that I could keep on adding to but think I’ll leave it here for now.

Day 35. This is the kinda page that I did keep on adding to! Starting with that stencil again then with layers and layers of cut out scraps in a similar wavy spiral way.

Day 36 is a turning point, toward the original idea that each page would contain something of the feel of that day. This day I spent up in London with my friend, and bits and bobs from the day nestle amongst the usual doodles and collage.

Symbolic of so much, this getting back on track falls just 5 pages from the end of this book! But, as one book closes…

purple ponderings

Day 24. More slicing n dicing Here’s a thing I’ve come to notice, these oversized numbers. Featuring on most days, but not premeditated. Sometimes it’s a starting point, sometimes it’s a finishing touch, but they keep cropping up.
Day 25. Layers of acrylics and guache, and offcuts from another thing I’m juggling about with. Subtle in clear gesso, but still sizable numerals. In a more thinky moment I pondered their presence, accounting for it as a balance of order to the free fall chaos out there in the world.
Day 26. The 6 is cut from black gesso-ed thin copy paper and has a wrinkly plastic feeling. The numbers are both edged with scribbled mutterings.
Day 27. Some days consist of bits and bobs straying over the the recent past, culminating in something altogether ‘the same but different’, a familiar view from a new angle.
Day 28 In a mad fit of efficiency I recently sorted through all my colors – paints, inks, crayons, pens – into boxes of the same hue. Working in a small space means any space saved by putting stuffs away sometimes is revelatory. It also means that when the box of purples/pinks is out, then there’s a color theme decided until I’m ready for a change 😉

Liebster Blog Award

A very big (and belated) thank you to WeelilWimsy for awarding me the Liebster Blog Award. Wow!

With this award originating in Germany, the Liebster Blog Award recognizes fresh bloggers with less than 200 followers. By accepting the award, it would be nice for the blogger to:

1. Acknowledge the person that gave the award and link back to their blog.

2, Copy and paste the award to your own site.

3. Share 5 of your choice blogs to award and let them know by commenting on their blog.

How cool is that!

Now, the reason it’s taken me so many days to reciprocate is partly cos I had no idea how to tell how many followers you folks have… But then I don’t really do rules unless common sense kicks in and give me good reason to. So I made up my own criteria: these guys have all generously donated some of their time to visit me here and encourage me along my bloggy path. If you like my stuff I just know you’ll love theirs too!

Here (and why) are my nominated five faves:

  1. John Clinock’s Art rat Cafe a place to see an excellent and eclectic mix of visual art combined with inspiring and encouraging words
  2. Wai-Yuk Kennedy Textile Art here’s where to go to see some exquisitely crafted textile creations, inspirational photos, and much more!
  3. gonerustic – artworks by rita summers
    another mouth-watering selection of beautifully handcrafted textile art.
  4. From the Boudoir – Textile Surprises From The Bedroom Not just wonderful ideas manipulated into incredible creations, but presented by one of my favest double acts: Jule and Dave.
    fellow color-junkie, creator of delicious fabrics and threads, and queen of more than one blog, so you may know Myfanwy by another of her names!
  6. Spaark ~ Artistically Afflicted another kindred spirit who juggles life and art. And then more art. Because we have to!
  7. Fi’s corner Magnificent Mix of mixed media. Mmmmm!

Of course the most observant amongst you will spot I picked 7 ‘fave five’ blogs. Well, if rules are worth breaking, they’re worth breaking properly, right? 😉


Where some people see scrap, I often see ingredients.

Only when it really doesn’t fit with social expectations can I curb my collecting, but I will usually come home with something I didn’t leave the house with earlier in the day.

Leaves, paper scraps, foil and cellophane from sweets, sketches and photos of interesting shapes, patterns and textures; jotted words and phrases from the radio, books, internet or my own head. Findings!

Today I resisted the feathers I saw scattered on the verge as I walked to work. Thinking roadkill, bird-flu, infection, dirt. I saw more feathers, one was 7-8 inches long with a fluffy plumed edge and speckly pattern. Conscious of passing driver’s impression of a grown adult picking up and stashing litter from the roadside. More feathers, smaller but irresistibly velvety. Their owner must have come to an unfortunate end to lose so many clothes. Pheasant? (no corpse), idk.

Thinking aside, when I got to work there was, in my bag, a perfect, elegant, inspirational, new-to-me ingredient.

It wasn’t until I photographed it I discovered it’s a feather and a half!

It might be a subject to draw, a shape to photograph, to inspire. It might act as a brush, then retire to join one of many collages. When the time comes, it will be an ingredient in at least one something I make.

It also looks (to me) like a tiny porcupine with no face.

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