My word for 2016 is Flow. I made a pinterest board for my word when I started doing this last year, but this time I’m amping up the imagery by having these pins printed out and in one of my journals.

flow2.jpgThis way it’s something I see most days, and I guess is more Vision-Board-y like this.


There’s space left for words and gaps for more images. I like to think it will develop as the year goes on.



My word for the year this year is FLOW. Last year it was FOCUS.

So I smiled when I happened across this from the king of motivational sound-bites himself, Mr Tony Robbins “Where focus goes energy flows”.


Clearly I’m onto something.

But did I skip past the ENERGY part?

Darn it, I’d like some more of that right now! I’ve been feeling distinctly un-energetic for quite a while. No apparent cause or reason, I’m otherwise completely healthy. Just a bit too floppy and lacklustre.

So I’m exercising my word, and I’m going with the FLOW of it. From Friday night until this morning I’ve been pretty much asleep. I get up for some small meals, but really that’s been about it. I’m listening to my body, and she just keeps saying ‘let me sleep’. So I did. After years of insomnia, perhaps I’m catching up to some degree.

In my few days off from life I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. I recently found Summer McStravick. Her thing is flowdreamingshe describes as not meditation, not visualisation, not hypnosis, kinda somewhere in between. I think this was partly where my word emerged from.

I’m trying to honour the flow of my life.

Today I managed to get up, showered, dressed and out to the office. Just a half day. Bit by bit.

Tonight I’ll do some drawing. I’ve sketched a little something every day in my selflove365 book, but tonight I’ll go back and add some colour. Now life feels a bit more colourful again. I’ll show you the latest tomorrow. Sleep well, lovely friends X


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