More Than The Sum Of Its Parts – Part 1

There’s a project I’m working on, a commission that’s a continuation from a college brief last year (I’ll share that with you in a future post), which has led me on to begin a series of self portraits.

Pre- art school days I would have seen this as a self-indulgent vanity, but, (of course) the art school years have shifted my perspective. My subject is simply the face I’ve seen the most often. (Although I’m mainly on the inside looking out, but that’s another discussion for another time.)

Inspirations that bobbed up my horizon and found their way to develop the style for this came from a London gallery trip a little over a year ago. Firstly, Zak Smith at the Saatchi gallery. I was quite entranced.

Things I Drew and Pinned to the Wall – Zak Smith

Do love me a bit of monochrome! And the boxy, graphic-novel-layout going on here. This picture tells a story, and it looks like a story.

Girls in the Naked Girl Business: Mandy Morbid (II)
Girls in the Naked Girl Business: Mandy Morbid (II)


Girls in the naked girls business is a series that speaks to Smith’s parallel career in adult movies. Splashes of vivid brightness in the field of mono. More metaphors.


100 Girls and 100 Octopuses (detail)

100 Girls and 100 Octopuses is just that, and visually combines the storyboard layout with the chunky blocks of color. Largely blue.

One of the reasons I was so enraptured was the instant association with an artist I’ve adored for such a long time. You’ll know this image, even if art isn’t your thing

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt (1908)
The Kiss – Gustav Klimt (1908)

A century on, Smith’s images resonate the essence of Klimt‘s in visual language and sexuality. Completing a circle perhaps.

More on this ambling journey soon…

the other side of the folds

The other side of day / page 40 had folds already in place from which to make structure.

These created rectangles in which to hold doodles.

It was another page that spilled into its neighbour, repeated shapes formed along the far edge along with inky grass-green spillage and over spray.

Coming together as a whole, like this.

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