Home of the gunk bird

In all the fun of creating Gunk Bird I forgot to show you page he landed in!

The hairy/fluffy paper leftovers from the page before set the scene

Cut out shapes echoed in white pen

Gold foil blended in with copper acrylic paint

now…. where was I ?

All that giddy excitement from last weekend (or some such excuse) meant I’ve not kept you updated on the page a day project – but I’ve not been so remiss as to let it slide!

Ready for a 10 day/page binge? Ok, here they come!

Day 29 (chronologically this day fell between Contrast (with buttons) and Quality Time)

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Although there are parts of this page I like – the colors and some parts of the composition, it has an overall feel of hurried chaos. Something too bitty and scrappy, but isn’t that the way of some days?!

Onward and upward to day 30!

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