time marches forward

I was away for a couple of days, but the page a day project ticks along!

Friday’s page is here….

Being fascinated by mechanics, numbers and time, clocks are a constant source of interest to me.

Over the years I’ve often incorporated clock faces in art, and I thought it was about time I had one in this series 😉

I like the regularly spaced hour long segments, contrasting the unequally balanced chunks of time into which we split our days

An hour spent waiting in traffic is so much longer than an hour spent in the company of ppl we love. An hour of sleep is not the same size of time as an hour at work…

……………I’ll catch you up with the others in a bit 🙂

uncontaminated with thought

Sunday was a splattery day

As I paint and create I usually listen to the radio.

Sometimes a word or phrase leaks out of the radio through me onto the page.

This often gets covered up in layers of color and stuff

But the phrase ‘uncontaminated with thought’ struck me as poignant to this project

So each time it began to drown in ink and paper I kept it afloat above the layers

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