2018 looked like…

“The thoughts we choose to think
are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.” – Louse Hay

2018’s been a soupy sort of year, it feels like all the days and weeks swirled up together, undefined and drifty. It’s fun to go back and look at these memories I caught as they floated by. It feels like a reset: Ready to begin again.

New year: new art journal. Finding connections, exploring rabbit-holes.

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”

 – Lao Tzu

Inspired by……………….
Ali Brown
Hali Karla
Michele Theberge
Following the White Rabbit

Re-exploring Watercolor, Birthday weekend in Barcelona. Beginnings.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

– Mark Twain

Studio spring-clean, surprise snow, finally spring.

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”

― Pablo Picasso

listening to……………..

“Start Where You Are”Pema Chödrön
“The Butterfly Effect” – Jon Ronson
“What is the Bible…” – Rob Bell
Reply All Podcast

The start of the 100 Day Project (still a work in progress – watch this space!)

listening to……………..

The Sketchbook Project 2018 (planning 2019’s book already). Painty Paws.

What if the question is not why am I so infrequently the person I really want to be, but why do I so infrequently want to be the person I really am?”  

~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Heatwave, Human Design, Resistance, Repeating patterns, Reminders.

“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” 

― Steven Pressfield, “The War of Art”

listening to……………..

Extraordinary English Summer!!

listening to……………..

Sewing, Sari Silk, Daydreams, Doodles.

“Your life is your life.
Know it while you have it.
You are marvellous.
The gods wait to delight in you”

―   Charles Bukowski

listening to……………..

The Tiny Book Collaboration, Dying Paper & Fabrics

“The thoughts we choose to think
are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.” 

―  Louise Hay

listening to……………..

“Do the Work” – Steven Pressfield
“The Untethered Soul” – Michael A Singer
Peak Human Podcast
The Mormon and the Meth-head Podcast

Gustav Klimt in Paris, piles of pebbles in Cyprus. Shavasana.

“Just for now,without asking how, let yourself sink into stillness.

Just for now, be boundless, free, with awakened energy tingling in your hands and feet. Drink in the possibility of being who and what you really are – so fully alive that the world looks different, newly born and vibrant, just for now..”

―  Danna Faulds

Inspired by……………….
Stasia Savsuk “Change your pants, change your life”
A Small Wardrobe
Frank James
Susannah Conway

listening to……………..

Accidental art from my desk, Deliberate art on Etsy. Full circle.

“We’re all just walking each other home”

―  Ram Das

Whatever 2018 has brought to you, I wish you a shiny bright new start today. X

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that time again! (2 of 2)

picking up where we left off yesterday, looking back at what I made this year. Yesterday I showed you January- June, here we catch up on July-December

My 2016 in art journalling has looked like this







What a trip it’s been! I hope you’re able to look back and smile at some parts of 2016 , and have new adventures to look forward to in 2017.  Whatever unfolds next, I wish you well dear friends, as we continue to walk each other home. 

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Old Year’s Wishes

I tend to think of the period from Winter Solstice as my New Year. That slow muddle of Sunday feeling holiday-days that ache on for the last ten days of the year, as the season turns and the days get longer, it seems the time for reviewing and recounting, consolidating and setting new hopes.

2014 has been a full and fast flung year in my world.


I finished college (for now) – I learnt a bunch of new skills including animation and film editing which I’ll show you some of soon.

I made some big changes with my ‘day job’ – the regular bill-paying part of my life, I’ve released some of the duties and in doing so I’ve also released some much needed hours each week not to mention a load of responsibilities which has sat uncomfortably on my shoulders for long enough.

I’ve gained an acceptance for some areas of my life that have been hanging in a state of limbo. I’m biding my time with equanimity and letting the future unfold in its own way.

I’ve made a radical lifestyle change, dropping old habits that were no longer serving any good purpose. (I even acknowledged they probably never did serve that much good.) And they are now in the past.


I’ve adopted some new regimes of a very healthful and positive nature. All these years I’d lived so much inside my head, like my body was just the transportation system used by the mind and spirit. So I’m addressing this misbalance. It aches and complains, but it’s just waking up. We are beginning to work together in better harmony.

Some old friendships rekindled, some new ones just beginning, it all feel right. I began to explore directions for my immediate future. It is very exciting times!


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