Old Year’s Wishes

I tend to think of the period from Winter Solstice as my New Year. That slow muddle of Sunday feeling holiday-days that ache on for the last ten days of the year, as the season turns and the days get longer, it seems the time for reviewing and recounting, consolidating and setting new hopes.

2014 has been a full and fast flung year in my world.


I finished college (for now) – I learnt a bunch of new skills including animation and film editing which I’ll show you some of soon.

I made some big changes with my ‘day job’ – the regular bill-paying part of my life, I’ve released some of the duties and in doing so I’ve also released some much needed hours each week not to mention a load of responsibilities which has sat uncomfortably on my shoulders for long enough.

I’ve gained an acceptance for some areas of my life that have been hanging in a state of limbo. I’m biding my time with equanimity and letting the future unfold in its own way.

I’ve made a radical lifestyle change, dropping old habits that were no longer serving any good purpose. (I even acknowledged they probably never did serve that much good.) And they are now in the past.


I’ve adopted some new regimes of a very healthful and positive nature. All these years I’d lived so much inside my head, like my body was just the transportation system used by the mind and spirit. So I’m addressing this misbalance. It aches and complains, but it’s just waking up. We are beginning to work together in better harmony.

Some old friendships rekindled, some new ones just beginning, it all feel right. I began to explore directions for my immediate future. It is very exciting times!


Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

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