day of the ephemeral dragon

When I was doing the paper dying thing I was using future pages of sketchbook to catch the drips.

Today this page came round. Pleasant in itself, but that was then. The nature of this is to be ephemeral, fleeting, evolving. This page belongs to today: time to change.

Skipping over the stages I forgot to photograph… then came the inky bit

What’s with white ink, then? I know, like dilute white paint. Just concept of ‘white ink’ doesn’t sit straight in my head. Anyways, white ink can be a bit milky, but dripping onto wet colored ink gives this effect. Can’t always guarantee inky splodge is dragon shaped 😉

The dragonyness left as he dried. But I think the idea of the shape got stuck in my head as I remembered I hadn’t done any cut outs for a while…

Back with the metaphors this book throws up: Y’know when the events of one day echo and reverberate, the memory creeps into the next few days? Such will be the next few pages!

More ink, sprayed, dripped, smudged…

integrating the stark whiteness from underneath, and stenciling its negative onto what will be next Tuesday’s page.

As the colors warmed up, it seemed to be wanting some gold. Metallic card stuck to the back of the page shines through.

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