Spring Greens

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved to sew.

Not just to be able to make things, but the actual meditative act of stitching.

The up & down, the back & forth, like the inhale & exhale, it’s a rhythm I melt into.


Textile Collage on Etsy


As part of my year full of color project, TWELVTY, I spent much February stitching together these gorgeous little textile wall art pieces from layers of hand-dyed recycled fabric, paper, buttons, beads and embroidered together with happy thoughts.


Textile Collage on Etsy

All of these concoctions are in the color of the month: ranging shades of yellow-green from luscious lime to opulent olive.

These ones are mounted on 8″ square canvas board. There are four, they’re equally lovely on their own, or grouped together as a little family.


You can find all of these creations (and more!)
in my Etsy shop



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Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

10 thoughts on “Spring Greens”

  1. These are gorgeous little pieces of textile art. I have never been any good at sewing and am always a pragmatic sewer, never for pleasure. However, seeing these lovely, textural, abstract pieces of yours makes me at least ponder giving sewing for pleasure a try.

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    1. thanks so much Laura. I love these have inspired you to sew! The fun of something like this is it doesn’t have to withstand wear and laundry in the way a garment does – textile art is way more forgiving ! You can even glue instead of sew if it gets frustrating, or to get different effects. And paint on it too… the possibilities are endless!

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  2. These pieces are really a work of art, Mixy! I love them! From the colors (green and shades of is a favorite), texture, and time and love put into doing this makes it so special. You make sewing so easy!

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