A questioning mind…

You know me – you know how I love to puzzle something out. I was wondering about my current art journal recently.  Join me over on Dirty Footprints Studio for my monthly guest post where I unscramble these thoughts about just this.


Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

10 thoughts on “A questioning mind…”

  1. “After all, who goes shopping for office supplies in a charity shop?”
    Um, well…me….
    Although I have lovely registers like this waiting to be used for not-their-intended-purpose too!
    : )

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  2. A fascinating journey over to Dirty Footprints. Thank you for sharing another layer of who you are, your story, your thoughts and your creativity.


  3. I cringed and shook when I saw your analysis book as I’ve used the same one for our business for over 30 years and they cost a fortune.
    At 66 years old my hubby shows no signs of letting up so it looks like I will buying another one this year.
    As a creative type it would be good to rebel in one of these but to be honest I think I will be just glad to see the back of them haha.
    People say why don’t you use the computer packages available, to which I reply at least there is some artistic flourish in writing and if I’m going to learn anything new it will be something I’m interested in, not flaming bookkeeping.


    1. Oh I remember being amazed at the price of these books when I had to use them ‘properly’. I think that’s part of what made me rescue it – and part of the delight in the rebellion! I agree about handwriting, it’s so close to drawing, it uses the same motor skills, even when it’s listing numbers.


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