thoughts de jour


Traditional journalling – the outpouring of words and thoughts and the recording of happenings, events and reactions is quite linear: these things occurred, then were recorded; these things were planned and projected, then recorded.


Art journalling is far more holistic. Even the most literal illustrations are cast in the light of the mood, defined by the view of the artist and constricted by the limitations of their style and skill.


And then there’s this whole exploration of the psyche that forms from the deluge of abstraction that some of us create.


Like many other artists who play this game, mine is largely an unplanned stream of consciousness.


As life ebbs and flows there are periods dominated by torrential outbursts of imagery.


I’m driven by a force beyond my thoughts to combine and construct these collections of objects, images and notions. They make no sense at the time and only sometimes later can I pick out an impression of context, a reflection of thought.


Meanwhile, I enjoy the colours and the nonsense. Another metaphor for life.

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

12 thoughts on “thoughts de jour”

  1. Eph, in this post you are reaching new heights of text and art. I am so impressed by what you are doing here. It is time to ask you to be an honoured guest again at Art Rat Cafe. Yes, no, maybe?

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    1. lol, I guess just one at a time! I usually keep going until it gets so busy I have to move on to a fresh page, it’s really totally unplanned. Sometimes I look back and think I’ve overcooked a page and it was ‘done’ a few layers previously…

      I look at some artist’s work that’s minimal and simple, and wonder how that can be done! Mine’s a cram-as-much-in-as-I-can style.


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