Doodling in between times

When I’ve got just a few minutes to spare I go to my art journal, find a blank page or a space, and doodle.

These are the background layers that inspire what comes next.

This is how I fill the scraps of time while I’m waiting for paint to dry, or a file to upload, or just waiting for ideas to land.

There’s a real freedom in knowing it will get covered in sketches or collage, more doodles and scribbles. I don’t plan this, I don’t even choose the colors, I use whatever pens, paints and brushes are there on my desk.

Sometimes you just got to let art happen.


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oddments & day bits

If I could add up all these bit of days, these odd hours I find wanting for what to do.


Many nights I find a fragment between 2 & 4 am.



Then there’s bits of afternoons as well.
Bits of uncertain waiting.


Placeless snips and snaps.
Trimmed minutes at the end of one thing, before the next begins.


I’d like to make a collage or a patchwork of these moments.

Then I’d build me some new days.

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