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Since last summer I’ve made a new 2 page spread in my ‘Book of Days’ every week. It’s become a mishmash of notes from podcasts, quotes and song lyrics, accompanied by sketches …

It’s been a few weeks since I began reorganising my studio space and I’m still in the “where did I put that” aftermath.

This has meant a pause in creating time, and in turn caused me to take a pause from online doings. And this, naturally, is also part of the global pause/chaos. How are you doing, are you still afloat?

One thing that has not paused is my ‘Book of Days’, this ginormous book of doodles, which is keeping me grounded throughout.

book of days (400 page sketchbook)

Quite literally – at 600 pages this thing weighs a ton! but also in the sense that it’s a consistent element accompanying a slow plod through winter.

Since last summer I’ve made a new 2 page spread every week. (sometimes I go ‘back in time’ to add extra doodles and details to earlier pages.)

It’s become a mishmash of notes from podcasts, quotes and song lyrics, accompanied by sketches of people, places, memories & dreams, with patterns to fill the in between bits. There are swatches from new paints and pens acquired, even the paints I used when I was painting some furniture last year. It’s a visual dumping ground, an abstract diary documenting these discombobulated times.

Book of Days: 600 page sketchbook

It will, all going well, be with me for a few years to come.

I’ll show you how it’s coming on, the first pages are here

Book of Days: 16 pages in 16 weeks.

This flip thru took us to some time around October, and I’ve continued a spread a week ever since.

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The Stretchiness of Time


2015 was tied up in this book, in the rigidity of one page: one week, when some weeks felt empty of expression and some pages felt too small for all that was flooding out of my imagination.



By mid year it¬†had taken¬†on a thick, heavy persona with¬†paint all¬†gooey and chewy and some weeks where no amount of layers would cover up the uncomfortable truths of ugly: a parallel to the world it was illustrating. Something intangibly off. Something meh. Some things I didn’t like, didn’t like confronting, didn’t like to witness. I didn’t want to relive, repeat, or even properly acknowledge.

The book served a purpose: A lesson in being a grown up is knowing when to persevere, and when to stop. I persevered. And when the year was up I was glad the book was full. Finished. Finally time to move on. Onto what next. 

What next?


…And¬†then¬†a really long time seemed to pass, and I rested. A really long time that went quickly, and dragged slowly and passed in a flash.
Because¬†Time is Weird like that…


I found myself cutting out shapes from magazine pages, scrap paper and junk mail. Something was stirring, I didn’t know what…


Last week I fell into a new facebook group run by the gorgeously art journally Orly Avineri. It was the catalyst I needed to jump into this new book.


I’ve got gesso under my nails and ink on my face again.

I feel like I’ve come home!¬†


This book is different, there are no limitations and no rules.


Free to fly in and out, land a while¬†–

‘Take a closer look’ – ¬†the serendipity of the cut up.

– chat with my thoughts, flit off again.


It takes as long as it takes.


I’m getting more and more aware that by pouring out my unconscious I can steer myself through this life in a fashion not like anything else.


It’s a compulsion.


You get this too, right?


Everything that was feeling stale and sludgy has dropped away since just this first page.


Life feels like spring time: new pages are beginning to blossom.

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