The in-between

The edge of the fold.
The home of contention and conjecture,
Not either or  but both and.
It’s just where the horizon touches.

The in-between is the place I love most.

The transient, the liminal,

The dusk and the dawn.


The turning of one into the next,

The edge of the fold.


The place of contention, conjecture,

Not either. Both.

The place where the horizon touches.


The moment in between.

The pause.


Fuelling the feud against the resolute absolute, the tightly defined.

Why are we still doing that anyway?


When instead we could butterfly between the two,

Share the energy,

Dance in the gap in between.


The illustrations in this post come from my 2018 Sketchbook Project book which is so nearly done! I’ll show you the finished book very soon!

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