Jolly Bunny Eggs

I think this is an Arctic rabbit (clipped from a magazine too long ago to remember for sure) but he’s resident in the book  so this seems like a good moment for him to bounce into view.


Traditionally this is the weekend when people stuff their children with overpriced, over-packaged chocolate and get a long weekend off work.

Here in the UK it usually rains, so we also get to complain about missing the things we didn’t want to do anyway: disappointing barbecues, gardening, car boot sales, etc…

Some partake in religious rituals, while some grab the opportunity to argue their tradition is better than the others, and which group gets to claim its origin.

However you’re spending your time (hiding out in the internet – me too – don’t worry they won’t notice) – I hope you’re having a joyful time. Be well, dear friends. X

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