Let’s Light up 2017

Things have been weighing heavily around here lately, you noticed that too?  Even when you do your best not to get dragged down there’s still an underlying sense of being, at best, completely unsettled. 

As I’ve shared here before, if it weren’t for my art practice I think I would have sunk many times.

A few days ago I found myself re-watching this TED-X talk by artist Callie Curry, aka Swoon. She’s a real inspiration to me. I love her style, but I most especially love her – her persona – her magic.

She talks about how she created the Heliotrope Foundation. After the 2010 earthquake she was compelled to find a way to help the people of Haiti. But how? in her words, ‘I’m just an artist’. If you watch the talk you’ll see how she brings hope and light and practical support in a way that only the ingenuity of an artist could have thought up. And she continues to spread this magic around the world.


“I’m just an artist”


Me too. I’m just an artist too… and one who really wants to bring the light into other folks lives in the way that creativity has done for me. But how?




How can I shine light in these turbulent times?

I think about what has helped me in the past, where I’ve turned when I felt like I might just crumple, and that’s what I can share.

My sanctuary has always been in my art. Not just the act of creating – I don’t always have the time, the motivation, the space or the will. But I can always see it. I can see the patterns and the colors and the wonder. It’s a skill I’ve honed over the years and as each year passes I get more from it – it works better – it’s more reliably everywhere I look.

This is what I want to share, and this is my intention with the program I’m starting in the new year. I want to show the way I see, to share the sanctuary I carved out n my imagination and is with me everywhere I go.

I’m gathering a tribe who will all be contributing, in art, in ideas, in insights, and between us we’re going to make magic happen.

Want to join us?

It doesn’t matter if you think yourself ‘arty’ or not – in fact the more diverse the tribe is, the more we all benefit, everyone brings their own magic to add to the mix.

Don’t feel like you have magic to bring? Let me prove you wrong!

If you want to find out more, read more here. Any questions – comment below or send a message on my site. I’d love to have you join us.

Let’s light up the world together in 2017.

back to life

During the daytime I’m usually found in this small office, tucked away behind the main road. Close to town, yet invisible to the world. I like it here.


I have my computer, kettle, all kinds of tea and more than enough music to accompany all moods and mental spaces – for soothing or wakening, for focussed thinking and for daydreaming – something appropriate to every volume these little speakers can kick out. I’ve got a stash of podcasts that accompany me in the more mundane non-thinky tasks. I’ve got spare socks and cardigan for the winter days when the little heater isn’t oomphy enough.

There’s a very fluffy cushion to remind me there’s always space for comfy-cosy in a world of the sometimes-serious when I have to pretend to be a real grown up.


The clutter levels are balanced between the parameters where I feel at home.


This is where my routines live. They aren’t tightly rigid, and they aren’t always effective but they are the best I can do, and I get by.

Today is the first day I’ve been back here after all that drawn out midwinter kerfuffle and general confusion period.

I am so glad to be back.

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