Resolutions or Wishes

NY Resolutions with a subtext: I must try harder, be this-er or that-er. I’ll do more of the things I don’t want to and less of the things I enjoy. All those unrealistic, unwanted demands pinned to a future version of self. So often they’re rolled out – same every year – safe in the understanding it’s just empty words that can be consigned to oblivion by the time you go back to the usual routines next week. Do you do this?

Fuck it, yeh? Never really meant it anyway.

Happy first Hangover of the year

And we begin this dramatically different, new phase of life with indigestion, a banging hangover, the tormentful regrets of the hazily recalled night before….

‘did I really say/do that? did that happen? what did happen? …..?’

Cos that makes sense, doesn’t it?

….so it’s just another Wednesday night in my world, then?


Heck NO!

Like the New Moon on the Winter Solstice just 10 days ago, like every New Moon, New Month, Birthday (personal New Year) I like to set New Wishes. It’s punctuation in my life: a pause for consolidation, review, and rev up for the next phase.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my first Wishes of the New Year.

Meanwhile I wish you all, dearest digital friends, the happiest of beginnings to this new phase. May it bring you abundance and joy beyond you expectations. Love to you all X

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