Ephemeral Gecko

If you’ve been following these posts you’ve maybe wondered about the name. So I’ll let you into a little secret…

Ephemeral Gecko resulted from pairs of fave words randomly combined til I hit on a combination that yeilded no Googlings.

In a serendipitous way, the 2 words seemed suited to their purpose: Sharing the fleetingly ephemeral art on the journey to a finished piece – my initial plan for this blog. And my fascination with the Gecko, the +800 variations of this lizard come in a wonderful assortment of colors and sizes, many of which are nocturnal, much like my art.

Fresh from a recent paper-dying harvest, I’ve got many little stashes of paper scraps like this…

Have we gone off on another tangent here? Not exactly, bear with me here.

Inspired by “musings of a muse, dave’s diary”, last week I felt compelled to manifest an Ephemeral Gecko in physical form.

(I don’t know where these ideas come from, but have learnt not to question, it only delays the inevitable.)

He’s already found a home in the page a day book…. but I suspect he could be the first of many.

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