New Moon Momentum

Last month I began a new practice of creating an art journal vision-board type spread with the New Moon.

New Moon Vision: Nov/Dec 2016

I’ve used the new moon as a time to sow seeds of intention for many years, usually in a journal or diary. This got the intentions out of my imagination in the form of words on paper, but within a day or two they were lost under the ensuing pages.

Transform Your Life: I have high hopes for this book!

Now I have this visual reminder I can keep in my eye line in the studio – for now it’s propped up against a shelf opposite my workspace. The simple beauty of it being in a book means it can travel with me wherever I go. (Even though it’s quite a BIG book – it likely won’t travel that far!)

A Lifetime’s Obsession with Collective Inspiration: I am the culmination of my thoughts so far

It’s now the second time I’ve done it … and I’ve lived through hundreds of new moons, so it’s early to judge… but so far I like this method much more.

Bright, Vibrant, Unique Art: subconscious reminders… in case I forget!

I expect over time it will evolve to include more writing too, the process will fine tune and evolve, as all things do.

This and last month both have writing under the collage, so in that sense those words are even more buried than usual. Meanwhile it’s a place for all those collage bits I snipped out of the lifetime’s supply of magazines I dismantled last year.

Heavy on Metaphor: planting seeds for new ideas

Do you have a new moon practice? or a vision board practice?

How do you find they work for you? I’d love to know. 

Happy Serendipity of Collage 

This Moon/Month I’m pushing all my energy into launching my biggest project yet:

The TWELVTY program.  After a final flurry of readying, I opened the doors yesterday, and the first subscribers jump right in. I’ve got a really good feeling about this – we’re building a community of makers and doers, artists and creatives, and together we’ll explore how color impacts our lives, our moods, our work and our art. We’re going to delve deep into one color at a time and soak up all its lovely juicy spirit.

If you want to find out more, it’s all here on my website. If you’ve got any questions or want to find out more, comment below or message me through my site and I’ll be happy to answer all I can.


Let’s join together in 2017 and Create the Marvellous!

An Unintentional Mermaid (8/52)

Week 8 of the page a week looked like this:


And it must be the most colourful yet.  It’s also the most full of subconscious tells – I’m only starting seeing now I look back from a few days later. Like the green mermaid/peacock – I didn’t draw her but she emerged from a funny little cross-leggedy figure and the phrase ‘move toward’ and some doodles.

I’ve got no idea at all what that means (yet).DSC_4684

There’s a lot of scribbly writing on this week, from an outpouring of encouraging words & phrases  I was trying to sooth my brain with. You’ll catch glimpses of them here n there altho a lot are now buried under drawing.

She believed she could and she did.

Cos gosh darn it if that hasn’t been the case recently! And I’ve still riding that wave, so it goes down in the book as a marker of the time I’m in.

Move Toward. If I had a strategy for life, it would be that. As opposed to the alternates: running away from, or worse: sitting in stagnation. I’ve tried both of these approaches in the past. The results haven’t been so good.

DSC_4687Since I began this page-a-week game I’ve become aware how often the opportunity for another list of intentions comes up – it’s almost weekly!

Since forever it’s been a thing I do at the start of a month, and on a New Moon. The big ones are New Year (often I begin this at Winter Solstice), and there’s Chinese (Lunar) New Year which fell last week.

You see what I mean?

No wonder I’m so often listing the same things.

So for the record, here are my intentions for Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram/Ovicaprid

  • Raise my vibration – belong
  • Use my time – spread my thoughts
  • Make more – share more
  • Love more – Read more – learn more
  • Collaborate – Assimilate – Consolidate
  • Stretch out – Drink in
  • Sleep well – Eat well
  • Trust the process
  • Find my tribe – Share stories

These flooded out in a sorta stream of consciousness so I can’t offer much by way of explanation for them. More I hope will become apparent in the course of time. Hey – they’ve got a year to puzzle themselves into fruition!

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