Flashback Sale!

Flashback Sale! Heads up folks!
You can save $21 on 21 SECRETS 14-16 November. Get art journal inspiration and share the fun with the 21 Secrets online community

Heads up folks!

Just today-tomorrow-tomororrow! (that’s 14-16 November)
You can save $21 on any of these five editions of
from Dirty Footprints Studio.

21 Secrets flashback sale 14-16 November

Use the coupon code FLASHBACK at checkout
for $21 off any of these 21 SECRETS editions.

Every edition of 21 Secrets contains a feast of ideas, new techniques for art journaling and secret tips & tricks from a diverse and talented team of teachers.

You’ll receive a downloadable eBook containing 25+ hours of videos and 150+ pages of full color photos, templates, and detailed clear instructions.

You’ll have instant, unlimited access to the material and classes, yours to download and keep forever.¬†And bundles of support and love from the 21 Secrets online community.

Don’t miss out! Find out more over HERE ūüôā

“Art Journaling will lead you home to yourself. ¬†It will soften your fears and turn your insecurities into jewels. ¬†It will heal your heart and help you build a deeper relationship with your Truth. ¬†Art journaling is a catalyst for joy, creativity¬†and peace.”

Connie Solera, Dirty Footprints Studio

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a calling to the tribe

Edit 17 December: There are just TWO SPACES left to fill. If you’re hovering on the brink of signing up, this may be your last chance….

…You can whisk yourself over to HERE to¬†soak up some more of the details to help you decide.


A couple of posts ago I was telling you about IGNITE, the course I took with Dirtyfootprints Studio. I’m still resonating from the abundance I found there.¬†

If it’s something you’re interested in exploring, Connie Solera, our beautiful guide and genius behind it all is offering a free information call on Monday December 14 @ 12pm PST / 3pm EST¬†/¬†8pm GMT¬†¬†


If you can’t make the date there will be a recording available to all who register.¬†


2016 Adventures…

What adventures do you have lined up for the upcoming year?

Are you a planner, or a wait’n’see-er? I’m a bit of both.

I like to have some looking-forward-to-things lined up, pre-booked, so that creeping apathy or the¬†inner critic can’t persuade me to wriggle out. But if I start organising my time too much I get freaked, run away … sometimes¬†have to sleep it off.

Since 2009 when I returned to education,¬†I’ve taken on at least one big learning project each year. One in which I’ve had to show up to the commitment I made. Partly through a loyalty to the others involved, but mostly to myself. Accepting a challenge. Jumping in.

In 2015  joined up for IGNITE, an online course for women artists run by the gorgeously wonderful Connie Solera of Dirty Footprint Studio.


I was so¬†inspired by Connie’s series of artist interviews, the¬†21 Secrets Conversations. Right from the off I was¬†fascinated by listening to all these¬†artists describe the path that’s¬†led them through their careers. But even more than this, I kept going back to watch more, I was totally¬†entranced by the joy and love that fills every episode. I just knew I’d found my tribe. I felt at home.

Over the year in IGNITE we developed and grew together as a group. ¬† We’re dotted about all over the world, so our meet ups were digital, but they were frequent and will be ongoing.¬†It’s been the most¬†amazing ride, through which¬†I’ve got to meet and know some really inspiring new¬†friends whose lives are in tune with¬†the same creative¬†energy.

…this video was part of a project I created back¬†in the summer for IGNITE…¬†

Emerging from the course I’ve got a much clearer understanding of my creative process, far more so than 3 years in conventional art education. I’ve developed a stronger sense of being-ness. A¬†sense of freedom and possibility has¬†replaced the sense of limbo I began the year¬†in. I really generated the momentum for the bounding leap into my¬†next paint-fueled adventures.


IGNITE is an intensive course, it runs¬†annually. In 2016 the course will begin again in early January. So are you wondering….?

Are you at a point in your creativity where you feel ready to stretch forward into a more exciting, dynamic phase?

Does it make you feel skippy inside to think of becoming part of a global tribe of soulful spirits ?


At the time of writing I believe there are a handful¬†of places left – so if you’re interested scoot over there now and check it out before they get snapped up.¬†Ooh, and on top of that – this year Connie is enlisting four IGNITE Alumni to act as mentors. And yes, one of them is me ūüôā

Come and join us – it will be so much fun!

2/52 Dream Big

One of the purposes of this weekly art journal is to offload some of the stuff I pick up through what I read and hear. Already I’m feeling the benefit of unburdening my busy head! I might never need to read these things again, but it’s a way of filtering them out of my internal monologue.


This week’s page has got a bit busier since last time I showed you. Curiously, the first words I wrote on this page asked “where are the words?” (on a day when I was unable to find the what I needed to say …) and since then there has been a steady flow of must write that down things.


Filling up the space with stuff that keeps showing up on my radar….


I have big dreams – by which I mean I have big plans and hopes for the future – but I also have big colorful episodes of imagination at night time. And I don’t distinguish much between them. Just the nocturnal machinations often want for some translation from the garbled jumble of metaphors my subconscious knits together out of the day’s happenings. It doesn’t always make sense, but often they are fun.

Sometimes the meaning shows up a long while later. sometimes it doesn’t!


These words  come  from Connie Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio. I love her style and she has a beautiful way of describing the creative process. She brings sunshine into my spirit.


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