Inspiration, Invitation.

Who are we and what are we doing here? The questions whose ideas of answers are held together with the phrase “In other words.”

The art we surround ourselves with, the music we listen to, the stories that provide our diversions: these make up the food that sustains our own creative bug.

some of the ingredients for my imagination

From stitching beads onto painted fabric and dyed papers – collaging these into books and onto objects, I get proper giddy excited thinking about new combinations of media.

Right now I’ve got a yearning to add more elements into the art I’m involved in making. More aspects, more facets.

“In Other Words”

A few years ago I made an installation with a crazy big drawing on a roll of paper that was suspended from wall to floor like a waterfall.

The drawing was made from the transcript of a sound collage which played along with an animation, projected on the wall behind. Yes. It was a lot going on!

You can see the video element of the piece called “In Other Words” here

yes, this is my actual eye!

So here’s the thing:

I want to make something big and exciting & I’d love you to join in!

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A life of its own…

colorwheelspiralY’now I’ve been immersed in color for the last few months.  Not my usual multi-colored chaos (although there’s no escaping that) – but a very specific niche of color – as I explore and examine the color wheel.

It’s a project I played with a few years ago keeps returning to in one way or another.
It keeps coming back.
It’s a compulsion.

But this time is a little different: this time I’m joined by other artists and creatives, and we’re on this adventure together. And I’m totally loving it!


We began the year in shades of sunshine & lemon with YELLOW, and now in the second month we’ve stepped round to the luscious lime and sumptuous olive tones that fall into YELLOW-GREEN. Next month we explore GREEN… so on, cycling around the color wheel, a month at a time.



The thing is, since I decided to share this color journey, it’s taken on a momentum and is developing a character of its own. (As big projects so often do).


As I plan forward into the upcoming months of colors I see this adventure develop into one big ongoing story, rather than the 12 little self-contained, single-color tales I first envisaged. I anticipated TWELVTY being the kind of course folks to hop on board any time through the year, with instant access to all the material to date.

…..But 6 or so weeks in, TWELVTY has become something much bigger than I realised it would be, and that simply isn’t the way it’s decided to grow.

So I’ve made a decision. 

Which I’ll tell you about on Friday.(Because Friday is special

Want to find out more about what’s in TWELVTY – it’s all  over here . I also did a big ole Q&A post over here. Or ask me in the comments – I’m massively excited about this – ask me anything! (anything about TWELVTY…I don’t have answers to much else!)


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