100 days as dreamscapes

I love to mix my drawings and graphics in with my photography experiments … these are glimpses into the dream scape of my imagination.

In the digital re-imagining of my art that I was telling you about yesterpost, I’m creating one of these collage postcards series entirely from the images in the 100 day project from earlier this year.


I’m finding the journey of a creative practice follows a spiral path, revisiting and reinventing along the way, enriching and inspiring from the past into the future.


These drawings nestle up together in their new arrangements as one edge blends into another.


They contain hidden messages and fragments of found poetry from the words and phrases that wandered through my mind as I drew.


These are glimpses into the dream scape of my imagination. And I’m only just beginning! 


If you’re quick you can catch them in my Etsy store …

If you’re super quick you’ll catch the This-Weekend-Only-Sale of 15% off EVERYTHING and catch international shipping before the holidays! Lawks!!


There are currently Two sets of Three Postcards available:
You can find Set 1 here & Set 2 right here


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Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

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