The Story of ONE

My enthusiasm for recycling, for waste-avoidance, for the bigger message of the cut up, my passion for protecting our environment for all who dwell within it. All that, and my (relatively) new found love of collage. ALL THAT – then I see this and WOW! This is an artist who thinks my thinkings and expresses it so loud n clear. Take a few minutes to reach into the treasures that Sandy Parsons has manifested here…

Sandy Parsons Art

Doom and Gloom!!!  Oh glorious, cruel, heartless, murderous, rapacious, malignant, magical, complex, artistic, fascinating, maddening, relentless, ravenous Civilization.  What a reality we live in!  Despite my abhorrence of all of the atrocities ever committed in Civilization, I appreciate the the arts and culture and the love that does exist only because of it.  It’s so so so so complicated.  Are the beautiful things begotten here by this insatiable monster worth all of the wars, slavery, deforestation, pollution, racism, sexism, animal torture, greed, political nonsense, climate change, and our looming 6th mass extinction?  What used to look to me as fun filled opportunity, now looks more like a hell on Earth and a cancer to the planet.  What is Civilization?  I’ll explain it more below in the description of the artwork.

If I could sum up this art piece in a quick statement: ONE is basically a commentary on the complete…

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Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

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