digital art – rewind

In a recent post I was telling you about my early beginnings in digital art.

But guess what – turns out there was earlier stuff that I’d totally forgotten about! Pre-dating that by a good couple of years ago or so, there was stuff like this.


This is like rooting through the loft space of my past, ideas and experiments I packed away  in the back of my mind and old hard drives.


I look back and remember vividly the delight of discovery in this myriad of new possibility. There was no limit in my mind as to  what could be spun out of this magic.

OF everything I made in these early days, this is the one I loved the most.

I called it Fireglass,  and I was entranced and enchanted by this little image.

fireglass copy

But that was the thing I suddenly came to realise – this was such a little image.

Such a very little image.

At the point I made it – which was by some mental abberation of a puppy in exuberant scampering mode, delirious in uncharted territory so of course I couldn’t accurately back track that one – and I had no grasp of pixel size.

No idea at all that the resolution at which this freakishly gorgeous little gem arrived on my screen meant it would print out at not much more than 1 inch square.

And even then not at especially sharp quality.

This little glowing rectangle of orangy red joy was what really kicked me into the next level: from play and unchanneled driftless clicking, now I wanted to take control over this alchemy. I went from careering about unchallenged by anything to navigating my way toward a more deliberate composition.

I was embarking on a massive adventure.

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

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