Metaphorical omlette

They say you have to crack eggs to make an omlette.

Right now I’m more than a bit absorbed in strategizing, selecting which eggs to crack next.

TBH, it’s gonna get a bit eggy around here, for a little while.

But my metaphorocal omlette will be delicious, not least cos it’ll provide space for me to create, that is in every way, a very big improvement on this:
This is my not-very-big bit of floor in the loft room. Ankle deep at the shallows, its main benefits are better light than the rest of the house and the radiator immediately behind where I sit! 😉

I’m still dropping by as often as I can to catch up on your doings and makings, for the invaulable inspiration you put out there, and cos you guys make me smile like a fool (quite a lot). Just I might not have so much time for posting as I’d like.
Wish me luck, folks! X

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

7 thoughts on “Metaphorical omlette”

  1. Back at school I would guess…getting organized can be eggstremely time consuming but creating in a mess is no yoke. I shell wish you good luck in all your endeavors although luck cannot match your hard boiled artistic abilities. Happy cooking Eph…


  2. good luck, your work space looks like mine, always ankle deep in stuff! xx now following along here and thank you so much for stopping by big thumb xxxx


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