Boxy Day

As a kid I assumed Boxing Day was a reference to the amount of boxes strewn about the place after ‘unwrapping day’.

Ok, hands up: When you surveyed the goodies Santa brought you, how many of you were also eyeing up the boxes and packaging debris… as a wonderous array of new paper, card and art mmaterials?

Xmas was low key in my world this year – I’m happy with this – but was heartened by IK‘s delight at the fabulous orange gift bag and box I received. Oh yeh, and of course the thing inside it too. It stirred up young memories of hearing my mum on the phone… ‘yes she loved the gift… though TBH she spent more time playing with the box it came in…’

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

11 thoughts on “Boxy Day”

  1. Yes, it fits the picture I am developing of you! When the IK was on the outside! Looking forward to seeing some orange flashes from your direction. (No pressure). You have put so much delight out here this year. Many thanks, and best wishes eph from Philippa


  2. Would you believe I saved torn up wrapping paper, crumpled Christmas carol sheets, stickers from bags of homemade biscuits (we ate them), bits of ribbon, torn Christmas card envelopes and so on? They are all heaped in a large basket in our dining room, and I’m eyeing them thoughtfully whenever I walk past! Maybe a handbound journal with stitched collage? Hmmmm …. =D


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