Hi Folks!

Lordy, where has the time gone since I last posted….? I’ve missed our chats.

Student life is going from strength to strength – initial doubts replaced by a deep joy of the challenges. This week has been ‘reading week’ so college was closed, I’ve caught up on the day job & finally replaced my creaky 8 yr old computer in the office. In the odd moments in between I’ve been busy-ing on the quilt which has grown dramatically since I last showed you….

Also I got myself some Easy Batik I plan to play with this weekend – I’ll show you how it goes – I’m intrigued!! I also found out we can do real batik in school, and am super excited about this!

More soon… 😀

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

14 thoughts on “Hi Folks!”

    1. thanks for the ongoing support my friend… I was looking back throught my sketchbooks from the course I took 2 years ago and got a big boost of confidence from that. Plus we’ve begun to study techniques I’m totally enthralled with. Eph’s epiphany!
      (And yes! DJ the quilt, I like it a lot!)


  1. I’ve missed coming and seeing all the progress and fun colors you have mixing together. This quilt really caught my eye. The colors seem at harmony with each other to the point they may explode in a star burst. 🙂 Was that candelwicking stitches I saw in the pictures? I didn’t know anyone remembered those.


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