thoughts of the moment…

In the accidental gap year I found myself in last year, I determined myself to continue learning. I absorbed a wonderous feast of inspiration and enthusiam from the good folks of the internet. Yes, that includes you. I thank you sincerely.

Day 1 back at school, drawing with strips of paper.

I collected and devoured books and articles, blogs, tutorials and galleries (online and off). I explored new techniques and new media with whole-hearted abandon. I believe I learnt a lot.

close up: 1st in series ‘Structure’, drawing with paper.

Turns out I forgot a lot too.

I forgot the time lost to debating the obvious and making suposition about the intents behind all manner of art. With mind maps.

3d city scape constructed from recycled paper

I forgot that for every hour in the classroom, at least another one or two are needed for research and time lost down figurative blind alleys. I forgot how the time it takes swells and nudges out of place all other aspects of day to day being.

noticing, photographing, recording moments: all that visual stuff other folks don’t see…

I do remember having a big wobble at about this stage on my last course. The initial I’m an art student euphoria has burnt itself out and in its wake sits a mildly stunned version of me, in mini-crisis-of-intent. Just a stage in the process.
The shopping bag by my desk. Thank you for your simple wisdom, orange elephant.

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

7 thoughts on “thoughts of the moment…”

    1. thanks my friend…. as I always say ‘it would be dull if it was all easy’ – just have to remind myself sometimes!!


  1. Mildly stunned or not, you are still here eph as evidenced by your photo journal up there! You will be able to talk very intellectually about IK’s antics soon – think of that!


  2. Keep on truckin Eph – this too shall pass – in school or out all creative beings reach The Wall (I’m there myself right now) – If you were a character in a cartoon (and being in art school is not much different) you would paint a hole on the wall and walk through it…


    1. Truckin along… it has been said that reaching obstacles are proof we’re making progress and I guess that must be the case. Life is certaily quite cartoonish these days – I like your plan – and wonder what’s on the other side!


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