Cosy Snugness, in the making

A little while ago I told you about my plan to make a quilt.

So far I’ve completed 9 5×5 squares……

I started by recycling a quilt I made years ago, stripping it down for usable fabric, but there wasn’t going to be enough to complete the project.

I scoured boot sales, charity shops and my wardrobe for possible cut-up-able clothing, and finally the shop-that-sells-everything came up trumps with 2 large offcuts of pink cotton velvet.

Although pink isn’t a color I plan to use, but I chose it for it’s 2 very easy options: + yellow = orange, and + blue = purple.

These arrived at the end of last week, so the weekend was dying time!

It has a certain wonky appeal, which I put down to IK‘s aversion to ironing.

More precisely, IK’s aversion to clearing space to set up the ironing board. Coupled with the memory of a sewing time many years ago when I let IK iron on the carpet instead of the ironing board. It didn’t end well for the carpet.

We ironed some pieces today (properly), they look much better for it. We agreed the ironing board should be left up while construction stage is still in progress! 😉

Author: Mixy

artist, thing maker & idea magpie. I am making it all up, one bit at a time.

7 thoughts on “Cosy Snugness, in the making”

  1. Ah, ironing boards! The hassle. My stretch sewing phase had lotsa ironing but l only iron on mending tape now! And these days (irony of all ironies….sorry) the board is permanently UP, now I don’t need it. My comical sidekick does iron his shirt occasionally.
    Love your quilty colour harmonies!


    1. thank you! I had a lot of fun dying and mixing up the colors 😀
      The ‘board of irony’ (as I’ll now think of it) is also now UP in a slightly-in-the-way-but-get-roundable place… and it’s already getting covered in non-ironing! 😉


    1. thank you! I’m finding ways of getting it to behave a bit better as I work with it, but I’m using a mix of fibres, weights, piles etc so there are new challenges at every turn (literally!) . The idea was for lush opulence and cosiness, so velvet is the only way!


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